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Standard rates: prices are not hourly! prices are package deals! $250.00 total 2 hours.  40 faces drawn. ( only one turn per person ) ----------------------------------------------------------------- These packages are great for larger parties with over 100 guest counts.  $350.00 total 3 hours.  Unlimited faces. ( only one turn per person ) $450.00 total  ( 2 artists! ) 4 hours. Unlimited faces  FAQ.   Each face takes approximately one minute and a half to draw at the very least,  and at the most three minutes.  One one page, we can draw two or three faces. We suggest for the drawing to look the best, to only have two or three faces and not more than that. We do not take pictures like a camera of a large crowd. We draw faces.  We draw the faces one by one on the page. One face takes 1.5-3 minutes to draw, having more people drawn on a page is not quicker to draw, 3 faces on a page takes 3 times longer than just 1 face.  The reason we only allow one turn per pers