Order a gift Portrait or Caricature for a loved one!!!

This was commissioned by the Police Department on Panorama city for their Lieutenant's promotion to Captain.  
$100.00 per face and background $100 for background design.  

This was commissioned by the City of Los Angeles, for the Fire Cheif's Retirement.
$100 per face. $100 for background. 

I also do actual fine art traditionally painted portraits.

This image is a painting done traditionally by hand by me, ( Leftyjoe) The cilent's boyfriend like the popular internet meme below, so she hired me to paint a replica but with her boyfriend's face instead of the original man in the painting.

$400 per face.

This is the original painting and a popular internet meme...

Order a pencil sketch of someone you care about. 

$50.00 per face. 

Ball point pen portrait. 

$40 per face

Order a sexy pinup work of digital art drawn by hand and painted the way the pros paint the comic illustrations!
Order a sketch, just for fun.

Order a large traditionally painted work of fine art by: Leftyjoe ( an up and coming artist in the LA art scene. )

Artwork that is personalized, for your loved one, and the value of the art will appreciate in value as the artist continues to gain recognition in his field.


Pencil portrait for a tattoo!
$100 per face
Commission for a friend By Juan Carlos Rodriguez for his good friend.
$150 per face.
 You can order a fun painting of a comic book character. This one is Spyloke from the marvel Xmen.
 You can order one of your kids with a superhero body and have it printed in a poster!
$200 total.
 Order a digital portrait for a loved one.
 As a gag gift, you can have your friends turned into comic book characters, or anything you can think of!
Order a work of fine art. This is similar to a Van Gogh style.
 Order a work of fine art for a sports fan! click on the pic to enlarge!
 Order a memorial work for a friend that has passed.
$150 for the face, $300 for the background.

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