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Standard rates:
prices are not hourly! prices are package deals!

$250.00 total
2 hours.  40 faces drawn. ( only one turn per person )
These packages are great for larger parties with over 100 guest counts. 

$350.00 total
3 hours.  Unlimited faces. ( only one turn per person )

$450.00 total  ( 2 artists! )
4 hours. Unlimited faces 

 Each face takes approximately one minute and a half to draw at the very least,  and at the most three minutes. 

One one page, we can draw two or three faces. We suggest for the drawing to look the best, to only have two or three faces and not more than that. We do not take pictures like a camera of a large crowd. We draw faces. 

We draw the faces one by one on the page. One face takes 1.5-3 minutes to draw, having more people drawn on a page is not quicker to draw, 3 faces on a page takes 3 times longer than just 1 face. 

The reason we only allow one turn per person, is because we want to be fair to every guest. Let each person get at least one turn to have their face drawn. In my 15+ years of experience and in business, nothing has changed. There is always someone at the end of the party that didn't get a turn at all, and there is always someone that tries to get several turns. The person that has several turns takes away the chance from the other person. 

Our artists are booked for several parties every weekend. We only have a shot amount of time between parties. We are at your party to draw for the time scheduled and then we have to go to another scheduled party. We cannot be late to the other booking because your guests want more drawings. 

Each face takes 1.5 minutes to draw or up to 3 minutes to draw. When we draw for your party, it is in your best interest that we draw fast and get to the next guest immediately without delay. So, the best way for your guests to get the best service and for you to get the best bang for your buck is to let them get in a single file line and wait patiently for their turn. Our artists draw fast and will get though the line quickly. 
Rates are based on a "best case scenario" relying on your guests to not waste time.
Handing out number tickets, or making a signup list is not effective at all. Trust us. We have been in business over 15 years. 
Handing out numbers or sign up lists wastes time. 
People don't pay attention to the numbers and the list, they are at a party and are in the party mode. 
It wastes your time when your guests are not present when their number is called. And, often, when skipped because of their absence, they are not happy with the artist. 

Our rates depend on the participation of your guests to wait patiently and allow the artist to draw fast and draw everyone they can. 

We are not responsible if your guests or other situations cause the artist to not be able to draw the amount of faces....

Once you have agreed to your rate, that is what we expect to be paid. No more, no less. 
We would not arrive late and leave early and cheat you of time from your booking? So, it's not fair for the artist to be paid less than the agreed price. 

Artists are instructed to call the local police if there are any disturbances or disagreements between the artist and the customer. 

Please be polite to our artists as we are trained to be polite and friendly to you and your guests. 

$50 deposits are for the customer service representative and go towards paying her for her services which include customer service, booking and organizing the calendar and editing and  sending the contract out to the customers, as well as making sure all the artists are sent the booking information.  $50 deposits are non refundable as she cannot get her time back for handling your calls or bookings. Please be considerate and cancel 14 days before the booking date. If you have paid in full before the event, the artist's payment can be refunded to you since there will be no artists going to your cancelled event. But once again, the $50 fee that pays for customer service and clerical work will not be refunded. 

Price does not include gas and travel and supplies. Any event over 30 miles from my home, will be subject to $40 fee for travel. 

Call our Agent: Sugey Torres

Important disclosure. Joe Torres and Sugey Torres are the two main artists sent out to parties, but, our agent will be sending other artists when the main two artists are fully booked.